Pruning Services Throughout Lancaster County

Looking for bush trimming services by professionals, with quick turnaround? Goss Family Landscaping provide excellent pruning, trimming and light tree work and we are locally owned.

Trimming bushes back regularly helps keep your property beautiful, encourages healthy growth, and may lower the risk of disease and pest infestation. We can help keep your bushes and small trees beautiful year-round.

Transplanting & Property Cleanup

Your beautiful bushes, plants, and flowers can continue to add value to your residential or commercial property with professional upkeep from Goss Family. Schedule transplanting during the right time of year and you can multiply certain species and/or improve the health of your existing plants and shrubs.

Our professional landscapers can determine the best transplanting methods for your bushes and garden plants and encourage a thriving landscape.

Fall Cleanup

Our property maintenance services include fall leaf cleanup. We are properly equipped to efficiently remove leaves from your residential or commercial lawn as well as from flower beds. Schedule regular fall cleanup throughout the season or choose a single visit.

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